2022 Halibut Derby Results

The second annual Fish Northwest hali derby is in the books. Last year’s derby festivities were limited due to covid however this year we were able to host an awards ceremony with prizes, food and raffle prizes to congratulate the winners and thank all participants for supporting the FNW mission.

We were pleasantly surprised by how many people decided to bring their boats to Friday Harbor for the two-day event, hang out on the docks + weigh-in station and then meet up at the awards ceremony. It was great to restore the derby atmosphere that once was an annual tradition on San Juan Island. We’re already talking about how we can grow next year’s derby to make it even better.

We’ll see you next year in Friday Harbor!


  1. 43.7 – Shelby Vanderpool
  2. 41.0 – Dane Mergens
  3. 40.1 – Jeff Jensen
  4. 39.9 – Saben Williamson
  5. 30.5 – Russ Kissell
  6. 29.4 – Don Glade
  7. 16.5 – Jamie Peth
  8. 15.5 – Mike Donalson
  9. 14.8 – Tim Miller
  10. 14.1 – Lee Burger
  11. 13.3 – Kevin Aaronfelt

We plan to do this again and already

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