Author: Barry Allyn

FNW members who’ve gone above and beyond

The groundswell of support for Fish Northwest through our steadily growing membership has put us in a strong position as we prepare to file our second lawsuit to restore recreational fishing opportunity. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you again to everyone who has joined FNW, and especially to those members who […]

2020 Catch Sharing Data

Here’s an Excel spreadsheet containing the catch sharing data from 2020 as reported by WDFW. Data is broken down by river, scroll to the far right to see the totals. Note: Treaty vs. non-treaty sharing is highlighted in yellow. 2020 Catch Sharing Data Here are just the totals which show the treaty share at 79.3% […]

North of Falcon Fallout

As reality begins to set in that blackmouth fishing in most of Puget Sound is no longer possible and summer seasons are now the next target, we’d like to remind you of how we got to this point. Salmon & Steelhead Journal recently wrote an excellent article on how the North of Falcon season-setting process […]

FNW responds to US/WDFW/Tribal motions

Fish Northwest’s motion to intervene in the Boldt Decision was heard on Friday 10/30/2020 in US district court before Judge Ricardo Martinez. As anticipated, the United States, WDFW and the tribes each submitted motions to dismiss FNW’s request. Of note, it’s very telling that their motions did NOT dispute the arguments that FNW has laid […]