The Future

Fish Northwest is not going anywhere. We intend to remain in the fight by continuing to advocate for Puget Sound recreational fishermen. Though in the end, our most recent lawsuits did not go the way we hoped, ultimately fell to the judges to force NOAA, WDFW, and the Treaty Tribes to follow the prescribed laws, regulations, and procedures laid out in the ESA, US v Wa, the Puget Sound Salmon management plan. In the end, these judges showed they were not willing to look hard at the evidence and make the politically unpopular, yet correct, ruling. However, this does not mean FNW was wrong in its assertions.

Most recently we were effective in persuading an organization to move the dates of a fishing derby scheduled to take place on the opening day of a tightly controlled quota-based chinook season. We intend to continue this form of advocacy, but the real issues which have Puget Sound recreational salmon fishing in a stranglehold are in-season management, application and interpretation of the List of Agreed to Fishiers (LOAF), and broodstock hatchery programs being manipulated to curtail recreational salmon fishing.

We intend to take all of these up.

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Brett Rosson