Author: Brett Rosson


Many individuals and businesses have given financial contributions to Fish Northwest over the past few months. They did this in hopes of seeing a reversal in the massive decline in the fishing opportunity we sportsmen of Puget Sound have witnessed in the last five years. Like our generous donors, we at Fish Northwest came to […]

The Future

Predation mitigation In the near future, we intend to address pinniped (seals and sea lions), and bird predation of our juvenile salmon through the use of non-lethal measures. We believe predation of young salmon, along with habitat degradation, are the primary threats to the survival of Puget Sound salmon. Without an intense and proactive focus […]

Inslee is not on our side. No big surprise there!

This article should leave no doubt as to where the  Governor is with regard to recreational fishing.  The tribes, along with the Department and some members of the Commission, worked hard to get these vetoes.  This is what we are up against politically and why FNW needs to be involved in the legislative process.

Salmon fishing can continue while we conserve wild salmon

The public does not have to sacrifice salmon fishing to conserve wildsalmon. We can do both if the state, the federal government, and thetribes simply comply with the federal laws that govern salmon fishing inWashington State – the Endangered Species Act (ESA) regardingconservation and the Boldt Decision which requires the state and tribes toequally share […]

State and the tribes consciously shift the conservation burden

The state and the tribes have consciously shifted the burden of meeting the conservation requirements of the ESA onto Puget Sound sport fisheries, all the while ignoring the equal sharing of the salmon resource as required by the Boldt Decision. Fish Northwest is committed to addressing these inequities and preserving the public’s cultural and economic […]