Author: Brett Rosson

The “NO-GO ZONE” is back!

On Friday, Dec. 18, 2020, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) Wildlife Commission met to decide on whale watch licensing rules in the State of Washington. A mandatory year-round “no-go zone” along the west side of San Juan Island was embedded in the rules approved by the Commission.Why should rules governing whale watching […]

Join, Donate, Fight!

FNW decided in May it was time to act. In just 7 months our membership has grown from the original five board members to 165 individual members and 25 businesses. In that short period, we have raised over $100,000 in donations. This support allowed us to launch a lawsuit intended to restore equity and opportunity […]

Not your fish!

I’d like you to read the following statements from Assistant Attorney General Mike Grossman, representing Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind, which came in response to our filing a Motion to Intervene in the Boldt case. See if you pick up on the arrogance and indifference on display here toward the tax-paying, fishing license buying […]

The leadership within WDFW has turned its back on Washington State’s recreational salmon anglers

Admittedly, salmon fisheries management and season setting are highly complex. But over the last six years we’ve witnessed and learned enough to understand that something has gone very wrong, and the current process is broken. The fact is that by failing to address these critical management deficiencies, the leadership within WDFW has turned its back […]

Just how bad has it gotten?

Fish Northwest (FNW) sees three areas where major deficiencies exist within the management of Puget Sound recreational salmon fisheries; A dysfunctional North of Falcon season setting process, a flawed ten year Puget Sound Chinook Resource Management Plan (RMP), and the lack of an Endangered Species Act (ESA) fishing permit for the State. The cumulative effect […]


NEWS RELEASE CONTACT INFORMATION:Brett Rosson, PresidentFish RELEASE DATE:October 5, 2020 FISH NORTHWEST INITIATES LAWSUIT CALLING FOR COURT TO UPHOLD BOLDT DECISION OLYMPIA, WA: This week Fish Northwest (FNW), a non-profit entity concerned with restoring fishing opportunities for Washington’s recreational anglers, has filed a Motion to Intervene in the United States versus Washington, 384 F. […]