Author: Brett Rosson

Tribes up to their same old tricks at 2022 NOF

Any of you who are familiar with collective bargaining negotiating tactics will recognize this move by the Tribes during this year’s North of Falcon. It’s called “running the clock out”. It’s nothing new. We saw it two years ago when the treaty tribes refused to proceed with recreational chinook discussions until they got what they […]

FNW files motion for summary judgment

Today, FNW filed a motion for summary judgment, putting us in the final stretch for our second lawsuit. The attorneys for NMFS will now file a cross-motion. Below I’ve included the scheduling order issued by the court the DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON AT SEATTLE. It shows the dates that the various motions and […]

More spin and deception by WDFW

Last year after MA-7 was “temporarily” closed to all salmon fishing after just 7 days, many of you were rightfully outraged to learn that both tribal and non-tribal commercial fishing boats were spotted off San Juan Island conducting their fishery. Now to be clear, we at FNW don’t take issue with commercial fisheries, but when […]

Pro-Cure steps up in a big way!

We want to thank Pro-Cure for the very, very generous donation, showing their confidence in FNW and its efforts. This is a critical time in our journey. We remain committed to the conservation and preservation of Puget Sound salmon stocks while restoring and expanding fishing opportunities for Washington’s anglers, their families, and businesses.

Fish People

A few years back, Ron Warren of WDFW asked those attending North of Falcon to participate in what he called a “plenary session.” Those present were asked to meet with the co-managers who were attending their own separate set of meetings that day. We were brought into one room so we could “listen to one […]


US District Court determines that Fish Northwest has sufficient legal standing and rejects the motion to dismiss the court case. Back in April, you, our members, made it possible for Fish Northwest to launch its second lawsuit. This suit addresses the ongoing over-harvest of Endangered Species Act (ESA) protected salmon in terminal areas and the […]