All under NMFS ‘oversight’

Since 2014 North of Falcon, the treaty tribes’ tactic has been to leverage the annual negotiations in their favor and to the detriment of the non-treaty fishers of Washington. The process has devolved into what more or less amounts to extortion. Treaty Tribes withhold agreement based solely on their desired outcomes for state-managed fisheries. The treaty tribes harvest hundreds of thousands more salmon than do non-treaty fishers, and the constraints placed on state fisheries prevent the state from obtaining the state’s share of the harvest. Importantly, the Treaty Tribes harvest far more natural origin chinook and coho salmon than do non-treaty fishers. The result is a consistent overharvest of ESA listed stocks and substantive violations of the ESA by the tribes, and to a much lesser degree, the state, and this has all been allowed to happen under NMFS “oversight”.

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Brett Rosson