We will be attacked

The following is our mission statement. In the coming days and weeks, there will be those who attack, undermine, and attempt to redefine what FNW stands for and what our goals are. To be sure, this has already happened, and it came not from without, but from within the Puget Sound angling community. So just to be clear….. Fish Northwest is committed to the conservation and preservation of Puget Sound salmon stocks while restoring and expanding fishing opportunities for Washington’s anglers, their families, and businesses. We believe that by using the best available science our wild salmon runs can be conserved and rebuilt, while an abundant hatchery fish population can provide ample fishing opportunities for the public. We think this can be achieved by increasing hatchery fish production, and by ensuring equity and fairness is restored to Puget Sound recreational salmon fishing seasons. Our immediate goal is to have WA State comply with the Boldt Decision which specifies the requirement of equal sharing of our salmon resources. In the long term, we’d like to see Wa State return to robust hatchery production of salmon and steelhead, using the best available science, to the benefit of all those who fish, both tribal and non-tribal. Brett Rosson President, Fish Northwest

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