Join, Donate, Fight!

FNW decided in May it was time to act. In just 7 months our membership has grown from the original five board members to 165 individual members and 25 businesses. In that short period, we have raised over $100,000 in donations. This support allowed us to launch a lawsuit intended to restore equity and opportunity to Puget Sound recreational salmon fishing, and our membership and donations grow weekly. The willingness of so many anglers to offer up their hard-earned money is a testament to the level of frustration and disgust that exists within the recreational fishing community of Wa State.

The leadership within the WDFW has turned its back on us. They have allowed political pressure from Olympia to shape policy that has resulted in massive cuts to recreational salmon fishing. This while the co-managers retain, and in some cases expand, their fishing opportunities. Make no mistake, this year’s North of Falcon will be ugly. The treaty tribes will double down and demand cuts from the State that once again are not within the boundaries set by the Boldt decision. They have done this every year for the last six years. The goal of producing a List of Agreed to Fisheries (LOAF) that reflects Equal sharing of harvestable salmon has been abandoned. They are out for blood.


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