MA-7 just closed after just 7 days of fishing. Who’s to blame according to WDFW? We the fishermen.

MA-7 just closed after 7 days of fishing. WDFW is claiming the reason is a high effort on the quota of 1382 fish (for perspective, in 2014 MA-7 was open for 8 months. Now in 2021, it remained open for 7 days). The reason for the closure is simple; the treaty tribes have succeeded in using the Stillaguamish River as a lever to pry the recreational fisherman off the water. They are demanding closures that are unnecessary to meet the conservation needs of our salmon. The WDFW is claiming ‘high effort’ as the reason for the closure. You have to look past this B.S. and understand that the quota of 1382 fish is the reason, and that quota was demanded by the treaty tribes and agreed to by the Director of WDFW.

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