Not your fish!

I’d like you to read the following statements from Assistant Attorney General Mike Grossman, representing Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind, which came in response to our filing a Motion to Intervene in the Boldt case. See if you pick up on the arrogance and indifference on display here toward the tax-paying, fishing license buying citizens of WA State. Last I checked, we lived in a democracy that is built upon a representative style of government marked by transparency, service, and openness. Further, the employees of that government work for and are paid by the citizens of the state.

“Washington State law makes clear that ‘Wildlife, fish, and shellfish are the property of the state.’ (under) RCW 77.04.012. Thus, salmon are the property of the State, and individual harvesters have no legally recognized personal interest in salmon.”

“Fish and Wildlife is tasked with first, making sure its resources are conserved, and second, maintaining the economic well-being and stability of the commercial and recreational fishing industry, its motion states. It also notes that previous attempts to intervene or force a change in the management have failed — and should again”.

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